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Men vis Women

Men are born with two eyes, but 1 tongue in order that..they should see twice as they say...:) by....Caleb Colton...... Read More
Posted 38 minutes ago by greenfairy

"Isn't It Romantic?"--movie review

With Valentine's Day, a double issue of Entertainment Weekly devoted to romantic-comedies and now the film "Isn't It Romantic", February is obviously the love month, not to forg...... Read More
Posted 50 minutes ago by greatmartin

What do you do when youknow something is wrong for you and you do it anyway

I guess you live with it, So I am listing the pros and cons of my third time mistake pro washer and dryer in apartment large bathroom food is so bad I have lost the ten pounds I gained eating it when...... Read More
Posted 2 hours ago by tesstruhartz1

It's Time To Say

...... Read More
Posted 2 hours ago by ellie1142545

Where to Put It?

Jars, jars, jars... Yeah, In the last few weeks I've canned squash, chili, hamburger soup, lima bean soup, and lentil soup. So it was time to address where all these things would 'live'...... Read More
Posted 3 hours ago by maggiesnextphase


No kids to watch, no kids to feed, no kids to tell, "No! No!" If I want to go somewhere, I just get in the car and go. Yay!!! I'm free! I'm free! There is no doubt, watch me danc...... Read More
Posted 4 hours ago by AmalaTsering

Exactly Spot On

Rod Dreher takes up the issue of homosexuality in the Catholic Priesthood. I am not Catholic (neither is Dreher) but none the less he gets this absolutely spot on! Dear Father, Stop Whining By ROD DRE...... Read More
Posted 4 hours ago by ZenofKen

Founding Fathers Were Smarter Than We Are! ! ! Too bad for us...

Cote holds Patriot Camps with kids and asked past students what will happen if children don't learn their nation's history. ... "They said 'we'll lose our future.' And I...... Read More
Posted 4 hours ago by FedUpToHere

Evening 2/19/19 Scriptural Quote

Every tree is known by his own fruit. Lk 6:44...... Read More
Posted 7 hours ago by BrotherDocs

Crime and Punishment for the Deep state

Email February 19, 2019 Crime and Punishment for the Deep State By Brian C. Joondeph Crime and Punishment, by Fyodor Dostoevsky, published in 1866, explored the theme of morally justifying crime for i...... Read More
Posted 9 hours ago by us2nomads

Manila/China September 2018 - Xian - Bell and Drum Tower Pagodas

A short walking distance from our hotel, right in the center of the city of Xian is their most popular tourist attractions, the Drum Tower Pagoda and The Bell Tower Pagoda. This is the view of the Bel...... Read More
Posted 9 hours ago by Maria

No Matter How Fast We Try To Run, We Can't Outrun Ourselves

I once had a friend tell me that we do not make new mistakes we simply choose a different path to the same old mistake. I didn't believe him because, of course, I knew it all. I believed that it...... Read More
Posted 10 hours ago by ButteroseSherry

I have no voice........ you can just read this today...... Read More
Posted 12 hours ago by Jollyonehere

So Class What Do You Think?

reposted: "An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had recently failed an entire class. That class had insisted that Obam...... Read More
Posted 12 hours ago by BeautifulLips

the tuesday truth. lol

This is a photo post containing 1 photo... Read More
Posted 12 hours ago by ricciw55

Dumb And

Dumb And Why is it that a Liar always believes the lies another Liar tells...... Read More
Posted 13 hours ago by udontsay

This and that and cute

Basil teaches Sven not to be afraid of little dogs. This is my neighbor's dog and this is their mud room. Basil is a camera hog, however she was kind enought to show Sven the ropes outside too...... Read More
Posted 13 hours ago by LouieLouie

Teasing Tuesday

...... Read More
Posted 14 hours ago by peacefulthinking

Memories Can Bring You Down

This is a photo post containing 1 photo... Read More
Posted 17 hours ago by bluesonrisas

People Against Trump Nation Wide.

People took to the streets in cities across the country on Presidents Day to protest against President Donald Trump ’s national emergency declaration to build his border wall . On Monday, demons...... Read More
Posted 19 hours ago by smfmystery

Kinga Surma, Polish Princess

...... Read More
Posted 19 hours ago by wesleyonrot


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Posted 19 hours ago by usadistributor

Resistance is going to continue, and trump will not get away with turning the country into a dictatorship with out a fight

This was actually one of my absolute favorite sights today as I stood in the cool windy air here in the general New Orleans area protesting the abhorrent attempt by the trump to do away with the rule...... Read More
Posted 20 hours ago by scenefromtheleft

More Crap, News And Nothing !!!!!

Yes, I know I should be reading and commenting, and NOT, boring the life out of you, but Hay, that's me, So I told you yesterday that everything was working, but very slowly, anyway, I received a...... Read More
Posted 21 hours ago by Shaunepawn

Fun Times Ahead

...... Read More
Posted 24 hours ago by MaxLiberty

A Moderate Point of View: Why the Right needs to spend less time worried about AOC and Socialism and more time on Mark Kelly and Arizona!!

PERSONAL OPINION/COMMENTARY: "Never go where your enemy leads you" Breine of Tar, Game of Thrones I am not going to spend a great deal of time laying out my logic here....simply because pe...... Read More
Posted 1 day ago by AMODPOVW

Yes, We Can Stop Trump’s Fake National Emergency

Yes, We Can Stop Trump’s Fake National Emergency Three ways to stop the scam to steal the money to build the wall. By Elie Mystal FEBRUARY 15, 2019 It’s happening. Shortly after 10 this mo...... Read More
Posted 1 day ago by ceilede

Presidents Day Presidential pop quiz

A quiz with 10 questions.... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by sfeastbay

Effing Winter…or Something…

Our snow blower took a crap a couple days ago and the other half has to get a part for it (don’t worry, he knows how to fix things), so he had to shovel “the old fashioned way”. lol...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by blogmom

Pretzel making... or... SPINNING A HOAX

Liberal spin is kinda like making pretzels... Jussie Smollett's account of a vicious, racist, homophobic attack on him by "Two WHITE Trump supports" was a complete fabrication. He PAI...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by OpinionNateTed

Does Truth Even Matter? Or Is It More Beneficial To Embrace Lies If It Benefits You?

Recently, I've been getting a lot of information as to the origins of religion including my Christianity. Some of the things I found out was eye-opening to the point where I walked away from reli...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by Thewritertwo

A Real Price To Pay If Canada Should Ban China's Huawei From 5g Networks - But Money Is Just Part Of The Cost - American Political Luddism

John Chuckman COMMENT POSTED TO AN ARTICLE BY JANYCE MCGREGOR ON CBC NEWS “Banning Huawei from Canada's 5G networks could be costly for taxpayers “Terms of investment treaty allow Chi...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by chuckman

Stabbed in the back????

...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by Windancer

Marlo Brando

...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by Oakie2012

Done done and YEA DONE!!!

and a few close-ups :) Many hours of hand and machine sewing. Beads, buttons, and lace all hand sewn. The Rickrack and green satin ribbon all by hand. The blue embroidery outlines faint shadows of le...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by Zoey-Mae

Children and Marriage!

Today marks a milestone for my wife and I, we have been married 40 years today. Happy, and at times sad, with all the things life brings you in all those many years, but satisfying all the same. We h...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by jjohnson1957

DaVinci's Inquest

I am always a day late and a dollar short it seems. Lately, I have been really into watching all of the older crime shows, such as Blue Bloods, CSI, and a few more. I recently found a new show for me...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by wendidawn


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